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Let’s talk about doing your own hair at home. Bleach and color is no joke there if the chemicals aren’t used with the right way or with the right technique you can have some not so pretty hair. You don’t want to have hair that feels like cotton candy or has a bunch of different colors. Please leave it to the professionals to color your hair we want you to have beautiful healthy hair.

Swipe ➡️ to see her before 😍

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Can’t grow it! Then weave it to achieve it 😜

DM for Booking!!
#saltlakecityutah #slchairstylist #slcextensionspecialist #slcblondingspecialist #slcblondespecialist #slcbalayagespecialist
Another beautiful WBR transformation! Swipe ➡️ to see @fancynancy_browsandbeyond before picture!

She’s such a babe and if you ever need some permanent makeup she’s definitely a go to!!!

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I have fallen madly inlove with @waterfallbeadedrowextension method! It’s a natural look and you can’t even notice the extensions! It’s so versatile, doesn’t leave tension sores and you can flip the extensions anyway aka you can have a high pony!

Swipe ➡️ to see the amazing transformation I did on my cousin 🥰
I got to do super fun peacock colors on this beautiful girl! Seriously she has the pastries go check out her bakery when she’s all settled 😍
#pulpriotdiversity #slchair #slchairstylist #utahhairsalon #slcbalayagespecialist #slcblondingspecialist #slcbronde @ Sugar House
One of my absolute favorite people in the whole world came to see me today! She moved to Portland and my whole world hasn’t been the same since! I love you so much @mygranddesign it’s been such a blessing to have you in my life 💜💜💜

Swipe for the before
Text 385.414.7413 to book
#hairbyaracelisanchez #colorcorrection #transformation #slchair #slchairstylist #utahhair #slcbalayagespecialist #makeover @ Downtown Salt Lake City
I seriously have the cutest friends @monroe_samira

She’s such a babe 😍
#hairbyaracelisanchez #moneypiece #slcbalayagespecialist #slchairstylist #slchairsalon #slcblondespecialist #slcblondingspecialist #utahhair #utahhairsalon Hair By Araceli In Holladay UT | Vagaro If you have received a service from me and loved it. I would truly appreciate you leaving me a review.
Once you leave a review message me and I'll give you a free deep conditioning treatment and style. 💕💕💕💕 Specializing in Color, Extensions & Smoothing
Who doesn’t love a beautiful redhead 😍

Text 385.414.7413 to book your appointment
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It’s almost 4th of July and it totally doesn’t feel like it.
This year has been so weird can we just cancel 2020 already
#hairbyaracelisanchez #hairsalonutah #utahhairstylist #slcblondespecialist #slcbalayagespecialist #pixiecuts #slc #utahhairsalon #slchairstylist #holladay
Please share!

Update: apparently this is happening to so many girls at this same location Farmington Forever 21 shame on you for allowing employees to treat people like this! I will not be coming back!

No Im not a size zero, yes I am a thicker than a snicker!


I was hesitant to write this because weight is a big issue with my self confidence. I constantly battle my weight and it’s not fun at all it has caused a lot of my personal issues with self love sometimes.

Yesterday as I was shopping with my best friend inside forever 21 looking for leggings. We were minding our business due to the fact welp we found the leggings. I noticed a worker pretty far from us but paid no attention as I’m looking at the leggings my best friend and I were joking around. I had found my size and was grabbing some more (cause a girl can’t have enough black leggings) the worker from afar had walked up to us and started to speak to us.
First words out of her mouth were “we only have those in medium and large. The large are right there.”
As it took everything in me not to slap someone across the face for being ignorant I just gave her a stare and simply said “yeah I know I got my size”

I’m sorry but this is constant thing in the world. How did this lady not know I’m not suicidal and my weight was the cause of it, and now I’m definitely jumping off the edge? How are you so ignorant to know there’s different shape people in the world? How do you even know I wasnt shopping for myself but it was a friends bday? What if I was bulimic? This needs to stop. people need to stop body shaming and thinking it’s okay.

Being skinny, fat, brown, white, red, blue or purple doesn’t make you a good person! What you look like doesn’t automatically make you better than someone to comment on their weight!
We need to think before we speak! I have literally not stop looked in the mirror since that comment, it doesn’t feel good at all. Don’t get me wrong guys I’m not here to get all the “no you’re so cute no whatever what” etc etc etc. it’s for me to say words are a powerful thing. We need to be more aware of how we use them!

We need more love in the world. Women should be uplifting each other not bringing each other down. We as women already struggle with so much and have to be compared to a lot.
So tell a stranger how beautiful they are today!
Giveaway Time!!!!

On June 29th I’ll announce a lucky winner to receive any color with a haircut of their choice 💕

Here’s how to enter:
•Repost this picture and must tag me in it (profile can’t be private)
•Tag 3 friends (every 3 friends is an entry)
•Repost to your story for extra points

Good luck you beautiful people 💕⚡️
I have so many hair photos I haven’t posted 🤦🏽‍♀️

Sorry been so mia my amazing clients! Life has definitely been hard lately! Taking it a day at a time! I have availability this week and next week

Text 385.414.7413 to book
I will not post anything hair! I stand with you all ✊🏽
We have a voice
It must be heard
This can not go on anymore
Too many innocent black lives are gone that will never get back!

Swipe ➡️ for this amazing transformation!!

Text 385.414.7413 for your appointment
#balyage #colormelt #utahhairstylist #utahhair #slcbalayage #slcbalayagespecialist #holladaystylist #trasformations #holladayhairsalon @ Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Let’s imagine quarantine is over, life is back to the old normal. We can finally travel without worries and no more wearing masks (which I can’t wait I keep breaking out). What are the first 3 things you’re excited to do???

Me... Im ready for festivals, taking my kids to the park and most of all traveling 💜💜
#quarantinelife #covid19sucks #balayage #utahhair #utahhairstylist #slcstylist #holladayutah #holladayhairstylist #holladayhairsalon #slcbalayagespecialist #slcblonde #slcblondingspecialist #utahblondes #utahblondespecialist #utahbalayagespecialist
Cause you need to steal a client selfie when they are too cute 😍

Now booking appointments
Text 385.414.7413
I know a lot of people been wanting their hair done but covid has really did an ugly toll on their income so I want to give back to all off you! For this next week Fill a spot and get 50% off
only on color services!!! You must put down deposit to book!!
Text 385.414.7413 for booking or dm me
Those highlights tho 👌🏽👌🏽

Book your appointment at 385.414.7413
#shorthairdontcare #summerloving #highlights #slcstylist #slchair #slcbalayagespecialist #utahhair #utahhairsalon #utahhairstylist #slchairstylist #transformations
Sometimes you just simply need just some highlights to help you go back to your natural hair.

Book your appointment at 385.414.7413
#highlights #naturalhair #shorthairdontcare #slcstylist #holladaystylist #utahhair #utahhairsalon #slcbalyagespecialist #fybpro #summerloving @ Dreamscapes
Beautiful people!! I’m all booked out for the week and taking clients for next week!!
My spots are filling up really quick so make sure to text me 385.414.7413
•If you have had any flu like symptoms in the last week please reschedule
•Please wear a mask to your appointment
•Only you are allowed to come to the appointment
•No kids are currently allowed
•Wash your hands when you come in

I’m looking out for the safety of you and myself and family 💕

Text 385.414.7413 to book your next appointment 💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️
Who else has been missing what normal used to be?
I’m so ready for a vacation, strolling down the strip with a big giant drink in my hand enjoying the warm weather!

P.s how awesome is my shirt @sti.tch.ed make a bunch of awesome custom shirts check them out
Reopening my books!!

I’m really excited to get all my amazing clients back in the chair.
There will be guidelines to coming in. I won’t be doing more than two appointments a day and spreading them apart to be able to disinfect in between clients. Our front doors are locked so you will need to text me to come and let you in. Only you are allowed in the studio with you, please do not bring anyone else with you. No children are allowed as well. If you or anyone around you has had any flu symptoms please don’t schedule or reschedule your appointment. I am requiring deposits for all appointments.

I can’t wait to see you all and be behind the chair again 💕
Man this has been a tough time to live in. I need to break some stuff down for people, as a studio owner/stylist we do not get the privilege of staying home and working. This is our lively hood, I had to make the best decision for my family and I and shut my doors for two weeks. I will reopen my doors starting March 28th but I will be limiting the amount of people in my studio. I ask if you are feeling ill please do not come in, also wash your hands before coming into the studio. I will not allow anyone else in the studio other me and you. I will also sanitized my studio very well to make sure yours and my health are in good hands.
Thanks for the patience I love you all please be safe and healthy out there!
What a babe 😍😍
#fybpro #stylistsupportingstylists #utahextensions #utahextensionspecialist #bluehair #beachywaves #slchairstylist #slcbalayagespecialist #slchairsalon
I’ve been thinking about revamping how my feed looks what are you opinions? Your thoughts matter to me since welp you all see it more than me haha!
While you’re thinking about that swipe ➡️ for this beautiful transformation! It’s so gorgeous we added a couple of rows of hand tied wefts 😍😍
And of course nothing but @oligopro to give her the perfect color 💕
#extensions #handtied #slcextensions #holladaystylist #utahhair #slcstylist #makeover #bluehair @ Cottonwood Heights, Utah
No words needed
#slcbalyagespecialist #utahbalayagespecialist #longhair #utahhair #slcstylist #slchairstylist #makeover #slc #utah
Ekkk!! I’m obsessing over this before and after guys!! Swipe ➡️ to check out the before! The transformation was stunning 😍😍
Text 385.414.7413 to book your appointment
#slcbalayagespecialist #slcbalayagestylist #balayage #slcblondespecialist #slcblondehairspecialist #slchairsalon #murraystylist #utahhair #longhairdontcare #transformationtuesdag

I can’t stop swooning over this beautiful color I got to do one this hot momma 😍
@pulpriothair is the paint
I’m the artist
#slcstylist #utahhairsalon #vividspecialist #utahbalayage #utahbalayagespecialist #utahfashion #utahvividhair #purplehairdontcare #coloradostylist #denverstylist
Just because want a change doesn’t always mean it has to be dramatic! Subtle is always great 😍
#balayagespecialist #utahbalayagespecialist #slchairstylist #utahhair #utahhairsalon #slchair #slchairsalon #slcblondespecialist #slcblonding #bronde #utahbronde
I got the honor of doing such my beautiful friends hair 😍
She looks so amazing for just having a baby thanks for trusting me for your hair girl ❤️❤️
#utahbalayagespecialist #slcbalayagespecialist #slcbalayage #utahhair #slchairstylist #slchairsalon #vividspecialist #utahhairdresser #slcblondespecialist
When that side view is amazing 😍😍
Text 385.414.7413 to book your appointment

#utahbalayage #utahbalayagespecialist #vivids #slcbalayagespecialist #blondingspecialist #utahhair #slchairstylist #slchairsalon
Beautiful transformation on this hot babe @wheres.this.going
It was so fun having you in my chair!
Swipe ➡️ for the before!

Book your appointment text 385.414.7413
#pulpriot #utahhair #slchairstylist #slcbalayagespecialist #vividsspecialist #slcvividstylist #pinkhair #breastcancerawarenessmonth #utahhairsalon #hairstylist
@ Fashion Place Mall
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