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623 Fort Union Blvd, Suite 106

Holladay, UT, 52401

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Recent social media posts by Jess Pealer’s Chair Jess Pealer @ Liv Salon I love referrals‼️If anyone you know is looking for a hair stylist or hair style change please send them my way! If you refer someone I will give you $20.00 off your next service. For the clients you refer they get $20 off their FIRST visit too.
I have 20 years of experience, lots of education behind me, and I’m located in a Liv Salon Studio in Midvale! 623 E Fort Union Blvd Studio 106
My Schedule: 1/2 days Mondays 2-8, 2-7 Tuesdays, and Thursdays 8 am-2 pm and some Friday mornings.

You can schedule online at: 21 Awesome Taper Haircut Trends in 2019 My Men’s long haired taper cut on Instagram was picked to be featured on “The Latest Hairstyle” website page. Check it out! I feel pretty honored that they reached out. Big thanks to the Editor and Cindy Marcus! You don't have to have a skin fade around your head in order to have a great look cut. Check out some of the awesome scissor cuts!
[01/24/19]   Joke I heard on the news today: “Why are hairstylists never late for their clients, even on a snow day?”

They know all the short cuts😂

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Jess Pealer’s Chair

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