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Recent social media posts by Hair Extensions & More by Sarah Why Use Vegan Shampoo for Your Hair Care? It’s been said that a our hair is her crowning glory, and when our hair is soft, shiny and healthy-looking, “glory” is certainly an appropriate term. We all put a lot of time into treating our hair and taking extra steps to try to increase shine, but they don’t necessarily think about the in...
Now this was a fun color!! #haircoloring #purpleombre
[10/18/19]   With bond-fusion’s, you can cut the individual strands in half, to accommodate the thickness of your natural hair! #extensions
Oh man, the possibilities with extensions, are endless. Go from short to long hair, in just a matter of hours. With the bond-fusion method, it’s the lowest maintenance method, where once you have it done... there’s no need to return, for 3 MONTHS! With the purchase of a good extension brush and hair oil... you’re set!

*Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is recommended as well, to prevent breaking up the bond.

#shorttolong #possibilities
I love these fun colors!! They are my favorite! #haircolors #indigo In somecolors it was blue and in others, it was purple! 💙💜
Check out the added thickness you can get by adding a few extensions!! I used the flat-tips in this picture, but you can use any of the methods I offer!
I’ve been having fun with the edged designs lately! 💇🏻‍♂️🦇
What a change! My long time client, decided she was finally ready for red! It’s something she’s been wanting to do for a couple years now and she finally built up the courage! #matrixreds #redcopper
This is what the rooted ombré looks like installed! 💖 They’re so convenient with their easy, no-mess installation and removal process! Duration, in between move-ups, are 6-8 weeks and the hair itself can last anywhere between 6-12 months! Come in for your free consultation today! #flattips #hairextensions #addedlength
Check out the new rooted ombré colors! 😍😍 These are the 22” flat-tips! ❤️ With attachable tips being flat... these are THE most comfortable extensions on the market!
Can't find that special something for your special someone? Let me help you! Give me a shout and I'll be MORE than happy to help make your holidays fabulous!
Here’s another edition of "Myth vs Fact" regarding Hair Care - this time we’re discussing hair coloring... Part 2... With Hair Coloring 101!
Here’s another edition of "Myth vs Fact" regarding Hair Care - this time we’re discussing hair coloring... Part 1!
🌟 If you’re wondering which method to choose... Babe’s flat-tips are popular choice for multiple reasons! 👩🏻‍🎤 With the re-usable factor, and the new added comfort of them laying flat... you really can’t go wrong! They can last up to a year with very little up-keep; only having to come in once every two months! 💕

🌟 Maintenance only entails using a good heat-protectant, washing with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, and a synthetic oil to moisturize the ends!

🌟 They’re so easy and such a fun way to make a big change! 💁🏻‍♀️
My monthly installment of Hair Care "Myths vs Facts"...

This month is about the importance of regular haircuts!
Okay, I had so much fun doing this color! We decided to go bold and she wanted a combination of pink and purple with a slight hue of red! #pulpriot #brighthair
Another bag of extensions added for this client! I thought it really completed her look! 💖 She originally came in with a short pixie!! What a change!!
I added another bag of extensions to those flat-tips, (I did earlier this month) to give a more layered look! ❤️ I couldn’t believe the difference!! 💯
Red always look so pretty next to dark tones!
Another one for the books! Babe, your hair SERIOUSLY never disappoints! 💖 Before and after pics with the new flat-tip method! #extensions #babehair
Hair Extensions & More by Sarah
Can you believe her natural hair, under these extensions, is only 3 1/2” long!! Possibilities are endless with Babe’s hair extensions! 🌺#colorwithoutcommitment #addedlength
Now this is what I call a transformation!! 😯 14” of length added to create this new look! 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m feeling pretty accomplished that I was able to achieve such a natural end result! ❤️ #babehair 100% human #remyhair
Book an installation appointment during the months of June or July and get... 10% off ALL HAIR EXTENSIONS by Babe and a FREE extension brush! 💕
I’d say we’re getting there! In just two visits, my client Kyl has gone from a dark red to a light honey blonde! #summerishere #getyourblondeon
I had a client come in, looking to get her hair colored and styled for her wedding! This was her end results! She had about 50% grey and just a little bit of blonde left on her ends! I was able to salvage some of that old blonde and added the dark roots and blonde ombré... in just ONE sit in! Those are the perks of working on (mostly) natural hair! #blankcanvas #haircoloring
More Wet Brushes in... cute designs for summer too!! 💕🌴
From red to blonde, in just one session! The photo on the left was from July of last year. We also colored her hair red, one other time, in January! 😳 I love how Matrix allows the color to lift so easily! ❤️💛 #matrixcolor #toblonde #schwarzkopf
Change your look with a simple 10 minute wax! Eyebrow shaping is $15 and only $10 for any other facial area!
Hair Extensions & More by Sarah

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