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MONAT This company has blessed my life in so many ways!!! I hope one day all of you find your passions and love for what you do! THANK YOU Modern Nature for making this all possible!! Can you imagine working your business from anywhere in the world with your family and friends? For Senior Executive Director, Mandie Sue Levin Evans, it's a reality.

Take a look inside Mandie's life and how she distributes her time as a mom, wife, business owner and influencer, all while having fun! #MONATinfluencer
Tommorow we start a new month, I crave fresh start every month, I wanted to let you all know this is a long time coming, I have ALOT to update you all on. I will be doing this all live, real, raw and unedited. The last 6 months of my story is about to be shared. The purpose of my "story" isn't to let you in on the "issues" but to possibly share some light to others that may have similar stories! IF you care to hear I will be sharing on facebook and saving the story here on IGTV! We all have a story, some are Harder then others, it doesn't make your story any less important! Thank you for being my internet friends you guys!!
Have you guys been noticing a lot more warmth in people's hair?!? It's here to stay! Warm, beige, honey blondes are so beautiful and most these tones people are "born with it" I am actually doing a UTAH model call and I'm looking for a couple ladies who are blonde who want to add some warmth in!! I have found My favorite formulas! IF you want to sit it my chair please go DM us over at @mandiesuesalon!!
Why Fit in when you were born to stand out! - Dr Seuss
This quote is something I try to teach everyone that comes into my life. Every single one of us are unique and special! Get out there and shine girlfriend!
I have traveled to almost every state, attended several classes my self, met a lot of new friends and salon owners, I have educated hundreds of hairstylists, Let's just say I haven't been home for a good solid month in over 2 years! The month June I have been to 4 states! This is ME living my best LIFE!! Always on the GO. This is the life I have created, I'm living in the moment and learning more about myself everyday! Being my own boss has its perks, along with ALOT of responsibilities! I am here in Newport Cali, looking back at my Nashville trip last week, and I am happy to say I am proud of who I have become, it's been a journey. I have had a lot ups and downs, the growing pains are a real deal, the times I told myself this is too hard, but I have PUSHED HARD for the life, I am currently living! I promise you all out there If you dream it you can do it!! Thank you to YOU guys for following along my journey! I love you all! Xoxo
Foil conversions can bring you all sorts of surprises, one being BANDING. Almost 80% of my models have a banding issue, this is one thing you need to keep in mind when you tackle this correction, how to fix the band. This specific model had a really under processed section so I corrected it with adding some lightener in zone2- using @oligopro 20 vol using @olaplex on those ends and of course @redken on the base!
Let's talk about BUILD UP! The summer is rough on your hair, the sun, chlorine, ocean water, dry shampoo, you get me. The best product you can own is a Healthy Clarifying shampoo and a leave in conditioner! I'm headed to the pool right now and my hair is soaked in this leave in! If you need some of my favorite products, I can hook you up! DM me!
Cowgirl up! ( NASHVILLE)
Foil after foil after foil!!!
I love my job for so many reasons! The main reason is the person in my chair. The fact I get to connect and Learn about other people's life is the reason why I love going back to behind the chair. I miss my clients, I miss the people that I've been able to build a friendship with. There are a few of those clients that will be my life long friends and this post today goes to my girl @nurselaurenbeauty. I LOVE doing her hair, but I LOVE our conversations in the chair! She will will be my friend forever, thanks to hair and my craft I will always keep her in my life!

Do me a favor my friends!
I want you guys to tag your best clients that have made a difference in your life! @nurselaurenbeauty
I love you! @ Mandie Sue Salon
NASHVILLE workshop was by far one of my favorites!! The southern hospitality, our Salon host, the hairstylist in our class everything exceeding my expectations! I LOVED everything about this class! Thank you everyone who attended and believed in me! @academy_m has changed my world!
I am packing up ready to come to Nashville to see all these amazing hairstylist who SOLD OUT our @academy_m workshop! I cannot wait to teach my methods and secrets! Continuing your education will help you become the best you can in your craft!!! Follow @academy_m to stay in touch with where we are going next!
3 little monkeys jumping on the bed! We all fell off and broke the Bed! Haha,πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ! Hey it's worth the picture! Hahahahaha "sh*t" was right! These girls are the best traveling with!! @academy_m team @alexsismae @beautibytiff @growlovelyphotography
ONE WEEK and we will be in NASHVILLE!!! I am so excited to meet everyone! We have some fun nights planned! Country music and line dancing is going to be a BLAST! Who lives in Nashville?!
This is what you call "BOSS BABES" My team here in Nebraska are straight up kickin butt! They saw the vision and ran after it, earning themselves a beautiful @cadillac that our company pays for! I will forever be grateful for my team around the world! Thank you @monatofficial for believing in us!
O M A H A - N E B R A S K A
I'm HERE and so happy about it! Something I'm most grateful for is the opportunity I get to travel and meet new people all the time! @monatofficial has brought so much joy to my life, I have girls and guys on my team all around the world and it's what a simple SHAMPOO company has done for so many people! I am so happy to be here in Omaha to share some of my insight and expertise to my amazing team out here!!
I have some BIG news coming!!! This is just a HINT! What do you think it is?!
Wanna know why I LOVE the hair products I use? There is a system designed for each hair type. Everyone's hair is so different and it's important to be using the RIGHT system for YOU! I found my perfect cocktail! If you want me to help find yours DM me! @monatofficial
I am opening up my traveling schedule the month of August! I want you to tell us where we should come and teach!?! @academy_m has some exciting news coming!!! But first tell us where should we come in August?!
Just went live, NEW VIDEO ALERT on YouTube!! I have a few cutting tips to share on my channel! Are you loving the new videos coming out? Search #thatblondegirlmandie to watch all 278 videos I have out!
Also Let me know what you want to see from me!! Tell me in the comments!!!
Does this SCARE YOU?!
Color Melt/ Correction?!
Blending demarcation, bringing dimension down on top of really blonde hair making sure there are NO spots? Tell me if this is your speciality?!
Did you guys see the YouTube VIDEO? If this isn't the prettiest transformation you have seen I don't know what is!! We started a month and a half ago, level 2 layers of layers of level 2 box color. The OG plan was to go ICE WHITE because my girl stef has some gray. Well after the 1st sesh, we both decided that strawberry might just be IT for her, gave her hair a month to rest and @beautynursestefanie found her new inspo. I would say we nailed Pinterest on this one! I have a full 33 minute video on my channel! CUT and everything! Go check it out!
#postiveinfluencer #thatblondegirlmandie #youtuber #travelinghairstylist #travelingeducator #colorcorrectionspecialist #strawberryblonde #newtrend #utahhair #utahhairstylist #monat #botoxbabe #hairbeforeandafter
My current obsession, My jewelry collection! My entire life I have been obsessed with turquoise, my favorite color, my favorite color to design with. It's just my COLOR- I've always had to buy to cheap stuff. But I saved up and bought the REAL stuff! The best of the best is @kotah.bear you guys! In fact Kotah and I have been great friends since high-school, we went to the senior prom together and he gave me a turquoise corset! πŸ’ how many of you would LOVE a giveaway with some of this jewelry? Comment below with πŸ’Žand if I get over 100 comments I will GIVEAWAY some @kotah.bear
Huge transformation for my gorgeous @beautynursestefanie! Head over to Youtube- search #thatblondegirlmandie
When my friend Jenny (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) messaged me and told me about this #PostiveInfluencer movement, I actually teared up. We NEED this right now, social media is hard WHY? Well we feel like we have to be perfect. We're always comparing ourself to others, we want what they have, skinny, big boobs, nice house, nice cars, rich husbands, perfect kids, am I right? We look at that and we compare, we are SO hard on ourselves, I've caught myself guilty, then guess what I did- I did a clean up, those people who made me feel that way I stopped following.

I want you all to know we are all perfect in our own ways, You are the best, you ARE an amazing hairstylist and wife and mom. We all struggle and I want you guys to know that I struggle, my bad days are really bad, and my good days are really good but what I have learned is we CAN be positive in the crap.

I want you all to know that follow me, I am here because if YOU, you lift me up, I want to share and give and help anyway I can! I love when you guys DM me and tell me your stories, I laugh and cry with you, don't get me wrong there are some total jerks but I just feel bad for them!

Let's keep this amazing movement going, take a selfie, and use hashtag #postiveinfluencer, I am excited to learn about you and how we can make this thing we are obsessed with aka (social media) more of a happy place!

Anyways I love you all thank you for being the reason why I am here today on this "Trap" 😜

@theconfessionsofahairstylist @academy_m @beautibytiff @alexsismae @brynnmariehair @prettylittleombre @heyelizabethfaye @hairby_lyndsie @hilarydawnherrera @theamysloan @hairartistallie @aftonthestylist @jamiedanahairstylist
When blending those harsh lines, it's really important to color match with the natural color. The formula is one of the most important factors. You want to make sure you are NOT creating a new band when the regrowth comes in. I go over all my formulating tips with those who attend my workshops- I want to know how many of you use Redken when you are color melting?!
Difficult roads lead you to beautiful destinations!
#delicatearch #nationalpark #thatblondegirlmandie #utahisrad #moab #mandiesuestylez #Adventure
It's a must to see the delicate arch!
I have cute friends! It's even better they are my traveling buddies! Our next location is NASHVILLE! June 17&18, to come hang and learn with us sign up with your deposit! The workshop is 80% sold out!! Link in bio!!! @beautibytiff & @alexsismae - aka @academy_m- person behind the photos- @growlovelyphotography
I am looking for a NASHVILLE SALON to host us!! If you know a salon owner tag below!!!
Day 1 SO FUN!
Today is the last day to sign up for my NEW JERSEY CLASS! 2 spots left!!
Hey does anybody live in New Jersey, New York, PA who has blonde hair with a "line"'growing in and wants to be a model for me on Sunday?!? If this is your hair DM me asap! P.S if you are a hairstylist i have 2 more spots left for my class in New Jersey sign up today! Link in bio!
We are SOO excited to come to nashville next month! This location has been in my bucket list!! What better way to come there and teach my passion!!! If you are a salon owner and would love to host me DM me! Nashville is 80% sold out! You can head to my bio and grab your ticket!!! Who's been to Nashville?!
To Jameson- You gave me the best gift that anybody could ever give. That was choosing ME to be your mom! It's kinda crazy how your whole life you have needed me, but the reality is, I need you! For those who don't know us, JL is my twin. There are days that I say to myself "he's so annoying" then my mom would would say "don't get mad, you were Just like that" hahaha. πŸ€ͺ! This kid is so smart, there's times he knows more then me πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. Jameson is my only child (besides the little one in heaven) so I will take full advantage of teaching him what life is all about!! I love you bud thank you for making me a mom!! @ Park City, Utah

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