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[11/12/20]   I'm (Melissa) opening my books for ONLY A FEW NEW clients. If you've been wanting to get into me now is your chance! I do acrylic and gel. Its been well over a year that I haven't been taking new clients so these spots will fill fast!
Glitters More new glitters!!!

[10/27/20]   Reminder! If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid, you are suppose to quarantine for 14 days from the day you were exposed. That means ABSOLUTELY NO coming and getting services from us until your quarantine is over. Also if you are showing any symptoms of Covid we ask that you reschedule your appointment.
*Everyone knows how small our town is so don't try to be sneaky. We are a salon remember WE HEAR EVERYTHING that is going on in town! Lol your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors gossip! Lol it will eventually get back to us!!

Please help us by following the guidelines the state has issued! Even if you don't believe in it remember our 93 year old clients may be deathly scared of it. Respect one another! We as a community are family, you knows this by living in a small town!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not giving Allison and I grief when we ask you to wash hands when you enter our salon, wear the masks we all hate over your NOSE and mouth, waiting in your car till we get you to follow social distancing rules, and by coming to your appointment unaccompanied! We are following all the rules the Health Dept. has given us to try to avoid a second mandatory shut down!
We are in this misery together, but together we will get through it small town strong! XOXO (From a distance of course lol)
Cute nails I did today!
Day Day of the dead nails!

Halloween . Glow in the dark ghosts 👻!!! So fun!
Glitters More new glitters!!!!
Photos from Don Marcos Salon's post
10 minute breaks at work = yes please!!!! Loving this new chair massager on the Pedicure chair!
Photos from Don Marcos Salon's post
I love Halloween!

Nail stickers!!!
Pedicure The new chair!!!
[10/07/20]   Guess who got a new pedicure chair???


You guys are gonna die with the massage chair!!!! It even pumps up and snuggles your bottom! It like literally gives your butt a hug! 🤣
It is seriously HEAVEN!!!!
Hand painted!
American Flag and Thin Blue coasters! Christmas is right around the corner! Shop local! More Thin Blue Line Coasters will be here Monday!
We Honor our Officers!
Next to security finance in the shopping center by Smith’s. We are working on our sign and should have it up soon!
Colors, colors and more new colors! My clients are spoiled!!!!
My first set of Halloween nails this year! All the white glows in the dark! My favorite nail art holiday is Halloween!!!! 🎃
I wish I would have taken pics of these the day I did them. 9-11 Never Forget!
I hand painted the burning Twin Towers with a Firefighter on the other finger kneeling down putting the fire out with a hose. Also the red nails have flames going up them you can't tell with the lighting though in the pic.
[09/03/20]   I'll (Melissa) be on vacation till Tuesday. I won't have service so I will return inboxes and calls then! Have a great weekend! P.s. and don't break any nails!! Lol
I have cuticle oil at the salon for purchase!
Repost #Repost @polishedlooksbymelissa with @get_repost
FOLKS!!! 👏 I need you to be using your cuticle oil 🤣 🙏 Okay, so normally Utah weather can wreck havoc on our nails because of the constant up and downs of temperature, plus we live in a desert 🌵 THEN we add on constant hand washing, frequent use of hand sanitizer, and constantly cleaning our homes and cars... those chemicals ALL dry out our skin, including our nails. THEN you go 4 weeks between fills 😱 This is exactly what will happen to your nails.
If you are experiencing any chipping, breaking, cracks, separation, lifting, etc you need to be using your cuticle oil at least twice a day!! On top and under your nails. If you are not experiencing any problems, great! You still need to use your oil twice a day so you don’t start to experience them (plus your nails look better in between appts with moisturized cuticles AND it gives us more time for art as I can spend less time on cuticle work)
It doesn’t matter to me what oil you use, just use one!!! If you have brittle nails though, I HIGHLY suggest the Dadi Oil I sale in the salon. It’s a healing and moisturizing oil and will literally do WONDERS for your nails and skin
Photo credit @rachburnsnails and @nail.kandy
Another set I did over a month and a half ago!

Glitter New glitter!

Glitters New glitters! Always buying you guys presents! 🤣😂
Education is key! Even after being in the beauty industry for over 22 years I continue my education every chance I get! Your safety is my top priority! I love my clients as if they were my own family! ♥️
Love these! Definition of summer!
I've been having to remind people daily to put their mask over their nose as well. I sit in a mask for up to 8 hours a day and I wear it properly so please wear it properly for the 1 hour you sit in front of me! I'm over it just the same as you trust me, but rules are rules! Think about where they check for Covid-19 it's a NOSE swab! So obviously you carry germs in your nose as well. This is not a freedom debate, this is not a political debate, I have guidelines I must adhere to in order to stay open by the state. Thank you for your cooperation!

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