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[05/19/19]   Feels good to be back in the salon
[05/01/19]   Unfortunately I am between salons at the moment. I am looking for a new salon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. I hope to see you all very soon!
[04/23/19]   Just kidding about the schedule! Lol it’s on the fritz still. I’m having some serious issues in my world as well. Trying to figure it all out.
[04/19/19]   I’m going to be starting Thursday evenings from 5-8. Let me know if you have any hair needs! Bridgette Pike in Riverdale, UT Hair Therapist
[03/16/18]   So I have been offered a great opportunity with a nephrology clinic and I am going to accept. What this means for you is I will only be available Saturday and by special request during the week in the evening. Saturday hours will be 9 am till 7 pm and if you can’t see a open slot don’t hesitate to text and see if I can squeeze you in somewhere. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes but hope to see you soon!
[01/22/18]   Page and booking site are under construction. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
[01/16/18]   Back at it Thursday. Hit the book now button so I can pay my Dr bills... lol
[12/15/17]   Remember to book soon before it's too late!
[11/07/17]   I'll be in on Tuesday's from now on and don't forget I do have some evening appointment times available Thursday and Friday. Holidays are upon us so let's get you in before it gets too busy!
[11/07/17]   It's been a Year here at Moody Blues! So thankful to be able to do what I love on my own terms and continue to grow. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and love.
[10/09/17]   Ready for some fun fall color or maybe a new cut? Give me a call and let's get you in!
[10/01/17]   Need products but don't have time to come see Me? Well let me send you a script! You can shop for professional products and they will come straight to your door!
[09/14/17]   I've decided to change some hours around and hope it will accommodate more of You! I'm cutting out Tuesday and staying open later on Thursday and Friday. So hours are as follow. Wed 9-5 in the wig shop but can take cuts
Thurs 9-8
Fri 9-8
Sat 9-5
If you have any questions let me know.
Hope this works for everyone! I look forward to seeing you!
[07/25/17]   I'm only in this week Tues through Thursday this week. If you need a later appointment just let me know.
[06/07/17]   Have a few spots open tomorrow. Not going to be in this weekend. If you need a later appointment lay me know.
[05/31/17]   I'm switching to a new booking app. This new one will allow you to book with any of the lovely ladies in the salon. So if you need hair with me and nails with Kendra and brows with Kayleigh you don't have to go to each person's page!

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