Mary Grace Gray - Master Esthetician

117 W 12300 S, Salt Lake City, UT, 84020

Mary Grace Gray - Master Esthetician

117 W 12300 S

Salt Lake City, UT, 84020

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Mary Grace Gray - Master Esthetician
[12/12/15]   I have one opening today at our down town location. I would love to get someone in
[05/22/15]   Im excited to finally have a name. Just Wax It- Mary Grace Brazilian Waxing Services | Best Brazilian Wax In Utah | Get Waxed in Utah I finally have a business name
I have some opening tomorrow at our down town location. You can text me to book or go on line to Check out! Wax Me Too is home of the 15 minute best Brazilian wax which is the hottest trend in Salt Lake City, Draper and Saint George Utah.
Wax Me Too Salons Wax Me Too weekly contest! Win a FREE BIKINI Wax! Just post which location ( we have 5) you love to visit (0r would love to visit) and you could be this weeks winner!
[02/03/15]   I need a client on Wednesday at 530... any takers for a wax?
[01/25/15]   Who wants a free bikini wax or upgrade for 20 bucks? Like this post, say if you want a bikini or brazilian, then share this post.
[12/24/14]   Until the end of this month all facials are 40$. Please PM me so we can get you in!
[09/07/14]   My phone has hasn't been working, needless to say I had to do master rest. For some reason it didn't save my calendar, if you have an appointment with me please text me the time and date. For The Most Part I Know This weeks.
[08/13/14]   Now until the end of Aug $45 facial and $18 eyebrow and lip wax. Book your apt now.
[08/04/14]   Book a facial this week for 50$
If you get a friend to book with you ill take 5$ off each your facial making it 45$ each person. GREAT DEAL
[06/25/14]   You know you should wax your arms when... you can see the wind blowing through the arm hair.
[06/23/14]   Wednesday I have a few openings in the later afternoon if anyone wants a facial or a wax please let me know
[06/06/14]   I had a client today who finally let me wax her eyebrows. Last time and only time she got them waxed was 11 years ago, but had major trauma from it. When when we started she was way nervous, but by the second pull she was shocked at how different it was. She loved them and will be back. GREAT day!
[06/03/14]   Today at Costco I saw a lady with triangle eyebrows. They were very nicely cleaned up so I know that was the style she was going for. Not sure her Esthetician talked to her about them, but should have. Do Not Drink Anything While Reading This Don't let this be you. Come get waxed Yeah, so I just about pulled something in my neck laughing at this..I just had to share. (I highly recommend that you DO NOT drink anything while reading.) These 28 hilarious eyebrow fails will make you cringe. The #8 is the worst ever... LOL! Dont Let This Be You Or YOUR Friends. Text or call to make an apt There are people who put so much effort in their own look, but they just don't succeed. On the other hand, they involuntarily look totally hilarious. Most of them probably just don't care, while so...
[05/04/14]   A few of you have been asking what I'm doing for mothers day. 60 min facial for 45$
95 min facial for 65$
Bring in a NEW client and get 50% off and service.
This is why is important to buy good product. Why do over-the-counter products not truly change your skin?
One of the best peels! I Peel Perfection Lift Solution is made up of our exclusive blend of exfoliating agents with powerful anti-oxidants, correcting peptides, and plant-derived stem cells. This combination creates perfection for treating advanced pigmentation, acne, and aging conditions.

Ask your esthetician about the Perfection Lift Peel!
This has become my new favorite face wash ever!! I have one left if someone wants it. I love how clean my skin feels after. Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser is a gel cleanser that lifts makeup and impurities and balances the pH of your skin. A blend of chamomile and green tea restores the skin's natural balance and leaves your skin hydrated, soft, and clean.
IMAGE Skincare Isn't it nice to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Ask your esthetician about our Wrinkle Lift Peel. With a blend of glycolic acid and retinol, your skin will be left firm and revitalized.
[03/15/14]   Don't forget this month we are doing 60 minute facial and 60 massage for $70. Amazing deal 21 Girls Who Don't Know What Eyebrows Are Supposed To Look Like Please don't let this be you or your friends, book an apt today 20 eyebrow DON'TS are shown in this funny Smosh gallery!
[03/15/14]   I have one more spot for a facial or a wax tomorrow. Let me know who wants it!
[03/14/14]   I am placing an image order tonight. Tell me what you would like to order and ill place it ASAP! Image is AMAZING!!!! I
[03/11/14]   I got a text message from one of my client, who just ordered her first image products. She stated "Seriously lovin this stuff. It's amazing potion! ". I'm really excited for her.
[03/09/14]   Come get a 60 min facial and a 60 massage for ONLY $70!!! Thats a screaming good deal!!! Have a girls day and bring a friend!
Love these two Together Happy Pro Tip Thursday everyone!!! We have a list of Dynamic Duos and here is another one to add to our fabulous list!
Love it Image Skincare's Vital C Hydrating A C & E Serum is an advanced polypeptide/antioxidant formula that reduces the signs of aging and hydrates the skin without feeling greasy or oily. Apply daily in the morning and evening to cleansed skin.
[02/25/14]   The sun is starting to come out. Time to get your legs waxed. Book an apt today and get $15 off a full leg!
[02/23/14]   Starting next month I am going to start doing Hot Stone massage into my facials for only $10 more! Its a great way to get the blood flowing to help rejuvenate your skin. Book ASAP!
IMAGE Skincare The Vital C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum is ideal for ALL skin types. It has been voted the BEST Image product and is the second most "liked" product among the Vital C line on our website. Key ingredients include potent forms of anti-oxidants (e.g. 15% L-Absorbic Acid), green tea, and hyaluronic acid.
IMAGE Skincare IMAGE products are simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps!
[02/18/14]   “What Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid do is get rid of all the old, dead layers of skin and help your skin generate fresh new ones. Our tests show that you can erase almost 20 to 30 years off your face in less than 14 days. But the key is to choose the creams and serums that contain the highest and purest quality ingredients, since they’re not all the same.” - Dr. Oz - See more at:

Mary Grace Gray - Master Esthetician