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My sisters hair is SO long and pretty!💜
I get a little nervous whenever someone wants to chop their hair, but I love this style on her 😍
Hey there friends! I hope your hair has survived the quarantine.
To celebrate being back in business, I have a gift (one of my favorite hairsprays) for all who come in to get their hair colored, during month of June. 🥳
I’ve missed being able to visit with all of you and hope you’re doing well 🥰
Text or call for an appointment 8”1-850-2801 💜
My favorite part of doing hair is being able to make and connect with friends...creating beauty is a bonus😍 “Why me?” Mom talks teenage boy into getting a mustache wax Sound on!
I talked my son into letting me wax his mustache. He let me post, in hopes of making it big on YouTube...Share away. 😄😄😄
I made sure to put it on both sides before I pulled it off, so that he wouldn’t go lopsided.
This beautiful girl has some of the thickest hair, that I’ve ever had my hands in! It was a 4 hour appointment, but the end result was worth every minute!😍
This color correction was quite the challenge! I wish I had taken a before picture, but never think about it until after.
A few weeks ago, we put a “temporary” purple hair color on her. It was fading to green. During the lightening process, the shades of green seemed never ending!
It was a 3 hour process (which included a silent prayer), but she is back to blonde...WITH her hair quality still intact!
I love the root smudge with baby-lites! It covers the gray and blends the blonde in perfectly. Formula: 6NN & 8NA with Redken Flash lift 💜
I have had a hard time keeping track of everything and haven’t been very good at reminding everyone about this! I really need help finding others that we can give the #LoveLikeKaylee gift too.
Please message me with any one who could use some extra LOVE with a free hair service. Thank you!
I forgot to remind everyone to nominate someone who may be going through a hard time and could use a free hair service to lighten their spirits. The Love Like Kaylee gift will be chosen on the 7th.

Last month, the Love Like Kaylee gift was given as a facial by RoryandTosha Sargent @rejuvenatingskincare for a very special and deserving someone.

I keep the persons and stories in confidence and will contact the person myself, keeping your name anonymous if you choose.

I love this saying and strive to live by it. Thank you to my friend, Jessica Davis for making it for me.
#positiveinfluencer #LoveLikeKaylee
In honor of the LOVE my daughter gave during her earthly life. I’m changing up my monthly GIVEAWAY!
It will now be called the #LoveLikeKaylee Gift.
My friend RoryandTosha Sargent @rejuvenatingskincare wants in on it. So every month we will give away a hair makeover or skin treatment (facial, chemical peel or lash lift etc.)
We need your help in finding a special someone every month who needs some extra Love! 💜
Please message me with who and why you feel this someone would benefit from this.
We will contact the chosen nominee on the 1st of each month.
#positiveinfluencer #lighttheworld
I’m often asked what a Root Smudge is.
*It helps your weave or highlights to transition into your regrowth without a harsh line of demarcation.
*If your roots are quite grown out it can blend to give a more ombré look.
*If you have some gray regrowth it is a quick fix for in between appointments. I charge $30 for this service 😊
I’m a little behind on the give away!

The wonderful lady that I was privileged to give the April makeover was definitely in need of doing something for herself. She is so busy doing so much, for so many, that it was a real struggle to find a couple hours for some self care.
So many of us women (especially Mama’s) feel guilty or selfish when we take time to do something to care for ourself. (I’ve even heard others feeling guilty about taking time for themselves to go to the doctor!)
The problem when we don’t take care of ourself is that we run out of what we have to offer others.
The truth is that when we give some self care, we are able to give more, do more and be more for others.
So whether it’s a hot bath, a hobby, getting some exercise or whatever it is that helps you to feel better and recharge, I recommend doing it regularly. For me getting to be creative with hair and connecting with others through conversation does wonders for my soul ❤️
I’m not saying to start being overly selfish, but to remember that you are WORTH some self love and self care along with the love and care you give others!

So PLEASE nominate someone you know that deserves a lift and my kids will make the choice June 1st ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
“Want to lose a few pounds? Come to my Mom’s salon and she can take it off in minutes.”-My Son’s advertisement 😂😂😂 (notice his armpits)
The process and results...I’m loving the blend this technique gives 💗
Bree’s hair was half way down her back and thicker than a horse tail! She still has so much hair that you can’t even tell we shaved half way up the back!
Had a great time learning new techniques and products yesterday at the Redken color class 😁
So fun doing fancy hairdos💗
My daughter’s ready for Salem PROM! Our dog isn’t so sure he’s ready to let her.
Red hot 🌶! Look how the color comes out in the sunlight. 😍 1st time balayage for that pop of color. 4.4 copper red @pravana Freeplay @joico Sarah Olsen
All things bright and beautiful (and blonde)...though the lighting doesn’t do it justice. Who’s ready for summer? 🙋🏼‍♀️
First session of balayage on this beautiful girl with very thick hair 😊💗
It’s the beginning of the month which means I’m in search of someone needing a pick me up! Please message me with someone you feel could benefit from a free hair makeover. If you want to be kept anonymous I can message them without saying who nominated them. 😉😉😉

Last month I was privileged to give a new hair color to a very courageous young lady who was physically beaten almost to the point of death. She’s now in the long process of healing physically and emotionally, as well as going through the court process.
My brother has the coolest hair 😎 It’s so fun to cut!
One of my Bestest friends decided to go from years of almost black to almost platinum! It took several sessions each 4+ hours (she has A LOT of hair) to get her there while keeping the integrity of her hair, but was time well spent 💗
Her daughter loves when her hair is “chocolate caramel” 🍫😃❤️❤️❤️
Not much conversation going on in the salon today...coloring hair extensions 😁
I was lucky enough to do this beautiful girls hair for preference 🤗💗
I am a believer that when you feel good about yourself, you are in a place to make good things happen in your life.

Which is why I need your help to find someone each month who is struggling and could use a (FREE) fresh look to brighten their outlook on life.

If you know of a special someone, message me a little of their story (don’t include names) and my children will choose who they feel needs it the most.

On the 7th of every month a deserving someone will be chosen. ❤️😁❤️
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