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[11/09/20]   Due to the governers recent mandate, masks will be required at the shop and no additional guest will be allowed. The only acception being parents of minors. Appointments will still be scheduled one an an hour starting at 9:30 to reduce the number of clients in the shop. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
Need a mask? Or just want a better looking one πŸ˜‰? I gotchu. $5 for non pleated $6 for pleated.
[05/20/20]   With the state now at yellow, the guidelines state masks "should" be worn. Use of this word implies it is no longer required but recommended for the safety of others. That being said, I will no longer require them to be worn, which opens up beard and mustache trims and face shaves. I still expect everyone to exercise respect/common sense/courtesy and not schedule an appointment if you have been exposed, currently sick, or just getting over ANY illness. I will still be scheduling services far enough apart to maintain social distancing so when you arrive, feel free to come on in. I appreciate all your patience in this matter. GAME ON!! 🀘
[05/14/20]   Good afternoon peeps! We have set up a new phone for the shop with "smart call block". This means you will have to prove you are not a robot on your first call by pressing #. I will add all your numbers to the "allow" list at the end of the day so you don't have to press # every time. This phone will automatically block numbers that come up as "private, unknown, no name, unavailable" etc. Have a great day! 🀘😷
[05/11/20]   It seems time for a less friendly reminder about my cell phone. Don't use it for shop business, period. Your question will be eternally ignored if texted to my phone. On a nicer note, if you don't have a mask for your appointment, I have made some washable cloth face coverings you can purchase for $5.
Cheers! 🀘🀘
Tuesday will be the official reopen date. I will be open tues - fri from 9-5. The health department is requiring the use of masks and prohibiting the maintenance of facial hair. I dont make the rules, bitch to the health department.
[04/28/20]   *edit* Masks are required.

Aight peeps, it's back on!! Beginning Tuesday May 5, I will be cutting hair again. Pay close attention to the new rules.
1. I will be taking one person per hour on the hour, by appointment only. Absolutely no walk-ins.
2. I don't have any way of pre-screening you so if you have been exposed, or are showing symptoms of any illness, even a just a cold, I expect you to exercise some 🀬 courtesy and not request an appointment till you are fully recovered.
3. Only the person getting the haircut is allowed in the shop, all others must wait outside.
I will take calls this week so you can get on the schedule for next week.
Cheers! 🀘
[04/12/20]   Sadly, our forced suspension of operations has been extended to May 1. If they dont extend it again, I plan on opening regular hours beginning May 5. I hope everyone is healthy and safe and super shaggy. 🀘🀘 Beauty salons, spas close while grocery and pet stores 'essential' in Salt Lake County public health order It's official folks, the health department has closed us down. This is for at least the next two weeks. I will keep you posted with any additional updates. Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson and the Salt Lake County Health Department issued a new public health order Sunday.
[03/24/20]   Good morning peeps! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the high-risk demographic of my family, I have made the decision to suspend business operations for the health and safety of my family. At this time I do not have a resume date to offer, however once we feel it is safe to open our home again to the public, I will update this page and my phone message with that information. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding. I pray for the health and safety of all my valued clients. ☺️
No, I'm not paranoid. I believe if you're adult enough to schedule and show up to your appointments, you're adult enough to exercise common sense and courtesy. Don't risk my health or the health of my family and any other clients I see after you by coming in sick or exposed. Even if you never develop symptoms, you are a carrier after being exposed.
[02/28/20]   I am moving on up in the techy world....I now take Venmo. Don't tell my husband. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
[02/19/20]   I am having a crown replaced tomorrow. I have no clue how long it will take so as a precaution I'll be closing for the day. Today and Friday will be regular hours.
[02/12/20]   Hey folks, I have a dental appointment today and will need to close up at 2:30. The last appointment time I'll schedule today is 2:00. Thank you!
[01/24/20]   Good morning peeps! I'm gonna go ahead and close for the day. The hubster wound up taking the day off so were going to head to I-dee-ho a little earlier to avoid traffic and potential weather. I'll be back in the office Tuesday morning. Have a great weekend!
[12/31/19]   Aight kids, I'm back in action tomorrow, but only till 5 PM. The Utes play at 5:30 and I want to be properly parked in front of the TV before hand. This is also your reminder I will be closed Jan. 1. January 2 and 3 will be regular days.
[12/19/19]   Guess who has tickets to a premier of Star Wars? βž‘οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈβ¬…οΈ Guess who is closing at 5 to attend it? βž‘οΈπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈβ¬…οΈ
That's right. Me.
Mark your calendars peeps!
[11/29/19]   I was going to be open today however I was reacquainted with my dinner this morning. It's probably nothing, but in case it's "something" I am going to close for the day. Business will resume Wednesday, December 4th at 8 am. Thanks!
[11/26/19]   Hey peeps, heads up for holiday closures:
This week I am closed Wednesday and Thursday (Nov 27 and 28).
Next week I will be closed Dec. 3.
I will be closed the week of Christmas (Dec. 24-27) and Jan. 1.
[09/26/19]   I always seem to forget something when I travel, this time it was to update the shops voicemail. I am closed for the weekend. Business will resume Wednesday at 8 am. Have a great weekend!
[08/29/19]   Good morning brethren!
First off, apologies. I have been MIA the last few mornings due to gluten. It seems I still want this intolerance issue to be in my head so I continue to slowly poison myself. Well, my body finally told me to f-off this week.
Second, PSA's. Tomorrow I will be closing up an noon in order to attend my nephews graduation and festivities.
Today, there will be a BBQ happening in my culdesac at 5. So, if you are planning a haircut in that hour you will need to park on Equestrian Drive and hoof it to the shop. This psa could also belong with the apologies. I will be making zucchini bread today and would be more than happy to gift a loaf for the hike. Happy Friday eve!!
[08/21/19]   Tomorrow afternoon, August 21, I will be out of office from 12:30 - 3:30. Thanks
PSA! School is back in session which means the bane of the neighborhood, Hawthorn Academy and it's traffic law ignoring parents, will be clogging up the intersection of 11400 S and 1300 W along with the entrance to my street. So, if you plan on getting a haircut between 2:30ish and've been warned.
Shaving's for girls.
[07/19/19]   Just a heads up.....
I have been shown a whole new level of phone maintenance through Comcast for the shop and will be blocking certain signatures for their link to telemarketers. This includes, but not limited to, Unknown, Unavailable, and Private. Have a great weekend!
Can't say it enough.
Just a friendly reminder: I will be closed Wednesday and Thursday this week. Beard on!
[06/26/19]   Good afternoon peeps! Red's will be closed on July 3, 4, 11 and 12. Have a great day!
[05/22/19]   My son is back in school and not driving for about a year. This means I will be in and out of the shop an annoying amount to help him with transportation. For this session of his education, I will be out dropping him off from 11:30-12:30-ish and then picking him up from 3:40-4:30-ish. The morning time could be more if I have to get him from work first. This will happen tues-thurs for however long this quarter/semester is. I won't be changing the voicemail every time so please be patient and check the time if you don't get an answer. Thanks in advance!
Pretty much. Yup
Using summer as an excuse is not acceptable.
Good morning peeps. I have several obligations that will take me away from the shop for a short period several times this week. I don't plan on changing my voice message for any of them. Please make sure you have an appointment to avoid any frustration. Beard on.
[02/06/19]   I am open!! If you attempt to brave the weather please keep a few things in mind. The driveway was cleared before 7 yet it continues to snow. I can't be outside all day so please park as close to the back gate as you can and BE CAREFUL!! Only the walkway has been salted. Cheers! Sales taxes on services and lower rates on the GOP agenda for 2019 Legislature Haircuts are part of the service industry and could very likely be included in this tax hike. Please be aware if this happens, I will be obligated to raise my prices accordingly as tax is already figured into my advertised prices. Putting a state tax on at least some services while reducing the rate Utahns pay on either purchases or earnings are on the Republican supermajority's agenda for the 2019 Legislature following all-day caucuses Tuesday.

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