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Recent social media posts by Salon De La Paz

Have you made your holiday hair appointment yet?!🎄⁣

Color by Sadie😍⁣
Bet you can’t guess how many foils we go through in a day! ⁣

Honestly, we have no idea either but it is definitely A LOT!!!! ⁣

One thing we do know is this: the more foils we are using, the more hair we are doing. And the more hair we are doing, the more people we are serving. ⁣

We love our time with each of you and it especially means a lot right now while we are in the middle of the pandemic and limited on the social interactions we have. We hope the conversation and the human interaction means as much to you as it does to us! 💕 It’s more than just getting your hair done.

We always love it when things just work out! The red brown lifted out better than expected and check out these results! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⁣

When it comes to hair color things don’t always go as expected and that’s okay! We are always learning more and getting better at our craft and that’s what counts! ⁣

Love this color by Tamy! ⁣
We’ve officially added another nail tech to our team and she is starting to take clients next week!! 🎉⁣

Brooke Betts has got talent and her schedule is already getting pretty full so hurry and click the link in our bio to make your appointment!⁣
We’re feeling thankful for good hair days!! What are you grateful for today?! ⁣

Color by Genevieve 😍⁣
Our salon is participating in this amazing program Spanish Fork City is doing! You can use your voucher for retail products or for services at our salon.

* Please just one voucher per visit!* Spanish Fork Shop Local is a program designed to help residents and businesses during the holiday season. Each residence will receive THREE $25 vouchers to spend at participating businesses in Spanish Fork! If your business would like to participate or if you’re a resident and have questions, additional information can be found at
#shoplocal #spanishfork #spanishforkchamberofcommerce #spanishforkbusiness #caresact #keepitlocal #holidayshopping #shoplocalprogram
This little babe has quickly become one of our favorite products! It is a super lightweight oil that instantly adds moisture without weighing down the hair! ⁣

We were thinking of sharing our top 3 favorite ways to use it in our stories today! Would you guys like to see that?! Let us know by liking this post! ⁣
Isn’t leaving the salon with a fresh color, cut and style one of the best feelings in the world?! 🙌🏻⁣

Color by Ashley⁣

Tristen is the newest member of the team and we are stoked to have her!! She is a master esthetician and will make all of your lash and skin dreams come true!⁣

Check out our stories today to learn more about her and as always, click the link in our bio to schedule your appointment with Tristen! ⁣She is available Mondays and Fridays!

We’ve been pretty quiet on Instagram lately but just wanted to let you all know that we’re still here doing our thing! ♥️⁣

Since November is the month of thanks, we want you all to know how grateful we are for your love and support of our small business! We are incredibly grateful for the time we get to spend with you, and the hope you give us for the future! ⁣

Keep making your appointments and we’ll keep doing what we can to stay open and stay safe. Love y’all! ⁣

#salondelapaz #utahsalon #utahhair #spanishfork #spanishforksalon
Our stylist Aleisha is the queen of these gorgeous buttery blondes! The color of dreams! ⁣

She is an advanced stylist but she recently moved to the area so she is accepting new clients! Message her to schedule! @aleishabelnap.balayage ⁣
Did you know a wash, blowout and style is included with every hair service at our salon?! ⁣

No doubt you’ll leave here felling like a million bucks! ⁣
Fall vibes with this beautiful color!!🍁 ⁣

Anyone else totally in love with this cooler weather?! 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

Color by Ashley ⁣
Halloween has seriously snuck up on us!!! 👻⁣

How are you celebrating this year??? Did you have to adjust your plans and traditions? ⁣

Check out these cute Halloween nails by @nailsbylaney_ and @_brookes.looks!!⁣
Fall is always full of change and we’re having a blast transforming your hair for fall! 🍁⁣

We’ve taken some of you redder, some darker, some ashier and even some brighter and we’re loving it all! ⁣

We want to encourage you now, as the holidays are approaching, to schedule your appointments ahead of time! ❤️⁣

Color by Sadie😍⁣
We’ve been working on setting goals for the remainder of the year and lots of hair transformations are definitely one of them!! ⁣

Tell us what your goals are! What are you hoping to accomplish before 2021 rolls around? ⁣

Color by Ashley🤩⁣

We have a couple new stylists who have recently graduated from hair school and are currently training in our salon. ⁣

They need to pass off several skills so we need your help! ⁣

Please DM us if you are interested in scheduling as a model for one or more of the following services:⁣
•hair color⁣
•balayage ⁣
•traditional highlights ⁣
•short women’s haircut(above the shoulders) ⁣
•long layered haircut ⁣

You’ll receive a full service including wash and style at a *model price* by one of our assistant stylists while they are supervised by a more advanced stylist. ⁣

This is not available to book online so please message us for questions and to schedule! ⁣
A little balayage refresh by Aleisha! 😍⁣

At your next hair appointment, are you wanting a complete transformation or just a color touch up like this one?? 🍁⁣
Ever wonder what we mean when we say we’re going to mix up a toner?? ⁣

We go to our color bar and choose a special little concoction just for you! ⁣

The purpose of the toner is to cancel out unwanted tones and bring forward what we want more of. This is where our understanding of the color wheel is important. ⁣

Can you guess which of the primary and secondary colors we tone with the most?? ⁣
Delaney got some GOOD stuff today at the @utahnailexpo!! So excited to see the fall and holiday looks that she’ll be creating! ⁣
“First time ever getting my hair colored so I was a little nervous and kind of excited. Ashely was a amazing!! She educated me on how the color would work and how to take care of it at home. She is such a sweet girl too! Ashely thank you for my gorgeous hair!! I couldn’t ask for anything better!”⁣
-Happy Guest⁣

We LOVE reading reviews like this!! Our stylists work hard to ensure each guest has a wonderful experience and leaves with amazing hair. ⁣

If you have any suggestions for us on how to make our salon experience even better, send us a DM! We always value your feedback. ⁣

Dimensional highlights are always a good idea! 😍 Color by Genevieve ⁣

We have some openings tomorrow! For last minute appointments, call the salon to schedule! 385-448-0255 📞⁣
Join us in welcoming Samantha Goff to our little salon family! 💕⁣

Sam recently graduated from Evans Hairstyling College in Ceder City. She is working as an assistant to Tamy as well as taking her own clients one day per week! ⁣

Sam is highly motivated and already very skilled as a new stylist! We are so excited to have her working with us!! ⁣🙌🏻🙌🏻

Make sure to follower her page to see her updates and progress.
We’ve seen lots of new guests at the salon lately and we are so grateful for each of you!!! 💕 Keep felling your friends and family about us! It means the 🌎 to us when you do. ⁣

Color by Lindsey⁣
In a survey we put out recently, 68% of you, our followers said that the quality of the service is more important to you than the price point. ⁣

Kenra Professional is our go-to haircolor because it delivers top quality results every time! It’s a color line that we can count on. ⁣

That’s important to us because we believe in consistently providing you the best service possible!! 👏🏻 ⁣
We’re totally in love with warm colors lately!!🍁⁣

Do you tend to choose more warm or cool colors for your hair?? If you’re not sure which would look better with your skin tone, your stylist can help you decide! ⁣

Color by Sadie⁣
Did you know there are different lengths, curls and ways of doing of lash extensions??⁣

That means you can get a very customized look! ⁣

To schedule your lashes, click the link in our bio! ⁣

We recently added this gem of a stylist to our salon family! Aleisha is a new face at the salon but she’s not new to hair! She has been licensed for 5 years and she specializes in balayage and natural blending. We are stoked to have her working with us!!🙌🏻⁣

Swipe to check out some of her recent creations! 😍⁣
Allow us to tell you about some of our favorite products!! ⁣⁣
These babies are not only vegan, paraben and cruelty free but also infused with CRYSTALS to leave you looking and feeling your best! ⁣⁣
“I love all the Aiir Pro products but the Smoothing Cream is my favorite! I’ve been using it on almost every client and I always notice their hair feels so silky. Plus I like to mention the cute affirmations on all the bottles to my guests. On the Smoothing Cream it says, ‘my imperfections make me unique and special.’ I love that message!” -Stefanie ⁣

Leave us a message in the comments if you would like to see some tutorials of our favorite ways to use Aiir Professional Products. 💕
Going a little darker for fall doesn’t have to mean covering up all your blonde hair! 🍁🍂⁣

Big fan of this transformation done by Stefanie and Cassidy.🙌🏻🙌🏻⁣
We had soooo much participation in the polls on our stories yesterday! Thank you all for your input! We want to keep improving and it helps so much to get feedback. Y’all are the best! 💕⁣

Check out this amazing red to caramel transformation by our girl Tamy! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻soo good! ⁣
Blue or purple?? 💙💜Which would you choose?⁣

Would you believe that these are both the same head of hair just a few months apart from each other!?👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⁣


Today in our stories we are spotlighting Ashley! She is amazing at hair color and also one of the sweetest people in the world!! We love having her as part of our salon fam! 💕⁣

Click the link in our bio to make an appointment with her.
Guess who is coming back to work next week!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⁣

Here’s some clues: ⁣
•she was gone for the last two months because she had her precious first baby! ⁣
•she did all of these colors and is incredibly talented at what she does! ⁣
•she is our salon manager and helps all of us to be a little better! We missed her a TON while she was gone. ⁣

If you guessed Lindsey you are right! Let us know in the comments if you are as excited as we are to have her back! ⁣ @ Spanish Fork, Utah
When we do a color service, we always take your head shape, hair type, hair line, growth pattern and part into consideration. ⁣

Placement is soooo important! The small details make the biggest difference. ✨⁣

Color by Genevieve ⁣ @ Spanish Fork, Utah

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